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Chapter 27 Left in the Cold

  • Nicholas sat aside indifferently but gazed at Gregory with a pair of tender eyes. He then gently replied, "Alright then, if you don't like it, we'll just stick to Miss Reinhart as your teacher."
  • While Gregory was delighted upon hearing that, Yana started to hate the child, showing a darkened look on her face.
  • Damn you, child! How dare you ruin my daughter's plan!
  • However, Yana's train of thought was soon interrupted by the return of Tobias and Kieran as the two men's tall build came into view after they entered the house. While the father's stern look gave off an intimidating aura that made him look like a powerful old king, Kieran had a pair of attractive eyes and charisma on par with his handsome brother that could take anyone's breath away.
  • When the maids noticed their arrival, they immediately bowed down and greeted the two men. "Old Master Sawyer, Master Kieran."
  • Soon, Roselle walked closer to them and courteously looked down. "Mr. Sawyer… Kieran, long time no see."
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