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Chapter 26 Only Tessa

  • "She is Greg's violin teacher, and her name is Tessa Reinhart," Nicholas answered on Tessa's behalf.
  • At the same time, Gregory excitedly helped introduce Tessa to his Stefania. "Have you forgotten, Grandma? She was the one who played the violin during my birthday party!"
  • "Oh, so that was her! Now I remember. She played the violin really well." Stefania took a while before she recalled the last time she saw Tessa.
  • Meanwhile, Tessa smiled faintly and replied, "Thank you for the compliment, Madam Sawyer, but at the same time, I'm sorry for coming here without informing ahead."
  • "No, please don't be," Stefania responded with a friendly attitude. "I didn't expect that Greg would agree to let you be his violin teacher. After all the commotion he made on the ferry, it seems that he truly likes you! Come, please take a seat."
  • Surprised by the pleasant attitude that Nicholas's mother showed, Tessa immediately thanked her and sat down.
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