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Chapter 18 Is It Her?

  • Nicholas's dark pupils constricted as countless scenes flashed across his mind. That night six years ago, when the woman was squirming under him, he could make out a mark on her shoulder in the dark. It was a mark shaped like a butterfly with its wings spread out!
  • As Nicholas watched the butterfly mark coming in and out of sight under Tessa's hair, he strode forward. Sensing movement behind her, Tessa turned around to look. She was suddenly held down by Nicholas and forced against the washbasin.
  • Tessa was terrified as she began to struggle. "Nicholas! What are you doing?!"
  • "Don't move!" The man's large body was pressed tightly against hers. Mercilessly, he grabbed her struggling arms and pinned them behind her.
  • As Nicholas stared at the bare skin under the woman's hair, his breaths quickened. Reaching out his hands, he brushed her long hair aside…
  • The butterfly mark was well-defined on the skin near her scapula, extremely similar to the one he saw six years ago. Still, it was dark that night, so he couldn't make out the color of the butterfly mark on the woman's body.
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