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Chapter 169 Roselle Isn't a Good Candidate

  • Besides, Nicholas' actions were rather strange too. There were so many other professional musicians to choose from but somehow, he adhered to Gregory's wishes and chose someone like her without too many credentials. Has he started to suspect something?
  • Then, Andrew noticed that Remus' expression was quite solemn so he asked in a soft voice, "Sir, what should we do now?"
  • Meanwhile, Remus paused to think before responding, "You should start making some preparations and select a few young ladies from reputable families. Make sure that they come from good backgrounds and have exceptional personalities. Let's find a match for him and get his marriage sorted first."
  • As soon as Andrew heard that, he asked, "Sir, didn't Mrs. Sawyer previously arrange for that? She picked Miss Roselle Gingham from the Gingham family. Isn't she a suitable candidate?"
  • Remus snorted coldly. "That girl from the Gingham Family? No, she's not suitable. That girl doesn't have pure intentions. Although she's a worthy match for our family, she's quite good at putting up pretenses. In fact, she dislikes Gregory, so she's not a good candidate."
  • He added in a low voice, "Actually, I don't mind about anything else except for one single request. The person must be truly fond of Gregory and treat him well. Other than that, I can temporarily overlook the rest."
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