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Chapter 168 Gregory's Mother

  • Nicholas casually flung his jacket toward Andrew and made his way into the music room.
  • He saw that Gregory had his back facing the door and staring at the violin usually used by Tessa with a glazed look. The boy did not move an inch and seemed to be lost in thoughts.
  • Suddenly, Gregory noticed the flash of shadow that seemed to be coming toward him, so he came to his senses and turned to look toward the door.
  • However, his expression turned cold as soon as he saw that it was Nicholas. He merely gave a cold snort before turning in the other direction once again without even caring to greet Nicholas at all.
  • "Are you done throwing tantrums?" Nicholas coldly questioned Gregory.
  • Meanwhile, Gregory responded coldly as well, "I just want Miss Tessa back. Get her back for me."
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