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Chapter 164 Obstacle to His Success

  • At that moment, Silas was slightly impatient as he voiced out, "Mom, you don't know what's going on, so stop causing trouble by unnecessarily interfering!"
  • He thought, Judging by the situation at Reinhart Group right now, I still need to depend on the two of them. Everyone in this home keeps causing trouble for me! In the end, I'm the one who's implicated and have to suffer all that humiliation too!
  • As soon as Amber heard that, she angrily retorted, "I'm the one who's causing trouble?! Yeah, I don't know what's going on. That's right; I'm just causing trouble here. Alright then, I won't interfere in your affairs from now on! You can do whatever you want. They've turned up at our door to berate us and besides not joining me in chasing them off, you're even being so nonchalant about it now."
  • Meanwhile, he was full of frustration upon hearing her words. "Mom, you know I didn't mean it that way, but we really can't afford to offend Mr. Jackson."
  • "Yes, you've just reminded me. Right, that guy was brought home by your darling son. He's such an ungrateful kid and lacking in manners! I must say, we should have strangled him to death in the past. At least he wouldn't have been able to return to target us."
  • "Timothy has the guts to actually bring someone back home and behave so atrociously too. I reckon that you were too easy on him with that blow you gave him. You should have just skinned him alive and I'm sure that would teach him a lesson to think twice before he makes a move."
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