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Chapter 156 This Guy Is Beyond Help

  • In an instant, Nicholas' face turned solemn, and his eyes were so terrifyingly grim that even the temperature of the air around him dropped several degrees.
  • That was enough to scare the escort, and he stood quietly at the side, not daring to urge him anymore.
  • Realizing that something was amiss, Edward glanced in the direction of those people and immediately caught sight of Tessa. Stunned, he hurriedly went forward to stop that group of people. "What are you guys doing?"
  • Eric was a good-for-nothing rich kid to begin with, and he had never been in touch with anyone from the business world. Therefore, he didn't recognize Edward and thought that he was just a regular guy.
  • Raising his head snobbishly, he roared, "What are we doing? What I'm doing is none of your business! I advise you to stay out of this, or else I'll make sure that you can't make a living in Brentwood!"
  • Saying that, he shoved Edward, and his bodyguards who saw it laughed nonchalantly, thinking that Edward was overconfident and trying to be a knight in shining armor.
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