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Chapter 148 The Position That Was Rightfully Hers

  • Queenie patted her on the shoulder. "Tessa, it's really a pity that you can't go on stage this time. There's no other choice. The team can't be without an assistant concertmaster, so Mr. Oswald let me take up this position. I don't mean to take your place either. But don't think too much about it, and don't be discouraged. You're still young, so it's not a big deal for you to lose this opportunity. In the future, there'll be more opportunities for you to get famous. Don't forget that you're the youngest and most talented person in our orchestra. You have to recover from your injuries. It'll be the same when you come back after your injuries are healed."
  • After she spoke, the corners of her eyes were slightly pinched upward, and she was looking provocatively at Tessa.
  • Queenie had always held a grudge against Tessa. She had always been the focus of training in the orchestra, but ever since Tessa came along, everyone's attention had been taken away.
  • Later, even Trevor highly regarded this newcomer.
  • After the previous assistant concertmaster left, the team had been trying to select a new one. Tessa was a few years younger than her, so judging from seniority, she should have no problem winning.
  • However, she never expected that Trevor would give the position of assistant concertmaster to a young, immature girl.
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