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Chapter 146 I Miss Miss Tessa

  • It was still hard for her to pry her eyes away from him.
  • Roselle's eyes were sparkling as she stared greedily at Nicholas.
  • The latter frowned impatiently and asked coldly, "Miss Gingham, what are you doing here?"
  • Roselle gave him a slightly aggrieved look. "I've been waiting for you here all afternoon. I heard that Greg had an accident, and I was so worried that I couldn't eat, so I hurriedly came to see him. But, Andrew said Dynasty Gardens doesn't allow outsiders to enter. Nicholas, we've known each other since we were young. Am I considered an outsider? Besides, I really just came to see Greg. I'm really worried about him. Just let me see him. As long as I see that he's okay, I'll leave."
  • Nicholas responded indifferently, "He's fine. There's no need for that."
  • With that, he walked in, his legs slender as ever.
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