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Chapter 138 Is Everything Fine in There?

  • The moment Gregory gorged on a piece of pork ribs, his eyes lit up. "Mr. Timothy, this tastes amazing! These ribs taste divine and are exactly like the one made at home by the chef!"
  • Upon hearing that, Timothy smiled at Gregory and said, "Young Master Gregory, your flattery is not suitable for a humble servant like me. Surely, I could not be compared to a five-star chef. Help yourself to some more of those ribs since you find it delectable."
  • Gregory nodded vigorously and continued to eat. "I'm not sprouting nonsense here. Mr. Timothy, your cooking is truly delicious; these ribs can even bring the dead back to life!"
  • Upon hearing Gregory's comment about the food, the adults burst into laughter.
  • After everyone enjoyed their meal, Timothy cleaned up the tableware and sat down immediately, not wanting to return to the university one bit.
  • Feeling slightly amused, Tessa glanced at the time. "Tim, don't you still have classes in the afternoon?"
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