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Chapter 137 Hungry? Let's Eat!

  • "Daddy!" Gregory rushed forward with a smile and hugged Nicholas' thigh.
  • As she could not believe that Nicholas actually showed up in her ward, Tessa did not quite know what to say. So, she could only say prosaically, "I'm really fine here. You didn't have to specially come here to visit me."
  • However, Nicholas merely took a glance at Tessa and did not answer. Then, he casually put the bag, which contained various imported fruits, in his hand on the table and asked, "What do you want to eat?"
  • Seeing that Nicholas did not take her words seriously, Tessa did not feel angry at all. Instead, she felt rather helpless. "I don't want to eat anything."
  • "This won't do. Miss Tessa, have some fruit. Grandma said that eating fruit is good for your health. Besides, you said it yourself that you want to get better soon," Gregory said as he gave Tessa a disapproving look.
  • Tessa was stunned for a moment. Am I actually being refuted by my Sweetheart?
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