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Chapter 135 Unwilling to Relinquish

  • Before visiting Tessa in her ward, Trevor had gone to the doctor's office and asked about her condition.
  • Minor bone fracture… The thought of these words were enough to make Trevor's mood become rather heavy.
  • Now, after seeing the thick layer of gauze bandage on Tessa's shoulder, Trevor seemed pretty upset. "You should rest and take care of yourself during this period."
  • As she knew what Trevor meant, Tessa felt her heart jolt, and her smile became slightly disinclined.
  • "I am distressed by your injury and personally feel bad for you. I know how hard you've worked for the performance, but Tessa, there's not much time left until our day of performance, you know? Not only am I a member of the orchestra, but I'm also the orchestra manager. The fate of the orchestra rests in the palm of my hand, and I'm responsible to decide on what's good for the orchestra. Hence, you may probably need to give up the position of assistant concertmaster. Don't worry. I'll find a suitable person to replace you."
  • Although she had already expected this the moment she knew of her injury, it was still difficult for Tessa to swallow the news now that she heard it with her own ears. There was a sense of anger lingering in her heart, and she felt terribly suffocated.
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