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Chapter 133 Obstinance

  • It was her maiden performance after her promotion, but she couldn't show up because of her injury. She knew recovery would be a long process, and she would lose a lot of chances to perform. Maybe someone will have taken over after I go back. If that happened, it would be hard for her to take her position back after she made her return. Now I'm further away from the stage I dream of.
  • She only pretended to be calm after she knew about her injury so she wouldn't worry Timothy. However, when she was left alone to ponder about her situation, she was overwhelmed by sadness. She wanted to cry her heart out, but she was worried she might wake everyone up, so all she could do was hide under her blanket and shed her tears quietly. Because she didn't want to pressure her wound, she had turned her back to the other bed, so she didn't know that Nicholas was awake.
  • Nicholas was startled that Tessa was wallowing in her sadness. But after thinking about what Timothy said and combining that with Tessa's reaction after she found out about her wound's severity, he knew why she was so sad. Nicholas was a smart man after all. She had gone through a lot today and had been holding it down, so it was natural that she had to vent it all out to heal. Since she's crying quietly while everyone's asleep, that means she doesn't want everyone to worry.
  • Hence, Nicholas didn't say anything. All he did was stare at Tessa, who was still crying silently.
  • After Tessa woke up the next morning, she chatted with Timothy like nothing had happened.
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