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Chapter 129 Saved

  • "If it weren't for your orders, my other clients wouldn't have stopped working with me, and my wife wouldn't have remarried another guy, nor would my company have gone bankrupt. Just because you said it's my fault, my whole family is now in ruins. My mother fell ill because she couldn't handle the huge change, and she died because I had no money to pay for her treatment. Even the homeless think I'm trash now. Do you have any idea how hard life is for me? No, because you're sitting on top of your throne, destroying our lives on a whim. You don't care about us, and you ruined my family! I must have my revenge!"
  • Nicholas frowned. "This is your own fault."
  • Lawrence agreed. The hell is with this guy? He's a criminal, but he blamed the Sawyers for not covering it up for him? And he wants them to keep the partnership up? Does he think they're idiots? His skewed values is the very reason his wife went with another guy, but he blames someone else for it? What an arse.
  • One of the officers was annoyed, so he interrupted, "Shut up. You can talk all you want after you come with us."
  • The officers took the kidnappers away, but Lionel was still shouting. "As long as I live, I won't let any of you off the hook! You love that kid, don't you? Then keep a close eye on him, because he's going to get it bad when I come out. Curse you and your company! I hope you go bankrupt! I hope your family falls apart like mine did."
  • Nicholas ignored him. Just a dying man's empty threats. Tessa was the person he should be paying attention to. She had fainted from the pain of her injuries, and Nicholas picked her up. "To the hospital."
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