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Chapter 126 Found

  • The man didn't notice her. He skulked around for a moment and retreated deeper into the forest.
  • That might be the lead. I can't let him get away. Tessa didn't have time to inform anyone else. She had no choice but to follow the man alone, and she kept some distance in case the man noticed her, but she always kept him in her sight. About ten minutes later, her hands were already drenched with sweat, but she realized they were about to exit the forest, so she slowed down and hid among the bushes. Then, she saw a house before her.
  • The man went inside. "Boss, Nicholas and his men are at the factory, and they're holding our guys. What should we do?"
  • The man raised Gregory's chin and asked, "What should we do indeed? What should we do, boy?"
  • "Let me go. If money's what you want, my Daddy can pay you," Gregory answered calmly.
  • Tessa paused for a moment. I knew it. Greg's here, but there's a lot of kidnappers inside. I can't save him even if I tried to face them head on. What should I do? Oh, right. Nicholas. I have to call Nicholas. She took her phone out and called Nicholas with trembling hands. "I-I found Greg. Come over quickly. There's a ton of thugs here."
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