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Chapter 119 Kidnapped

  • Gregory gasped in reflex and tried to struggle free, but he was just a child. He was too weak to fight against an adult. A moment later, he was taken into a car, and the kidnappers left immediately.
  • After the crew member got Trevor's permission, she went back to take Gregory to the practice hall, but he wasn't in the guest hall. She looked around, but he was nowhere to be found, so she asked the receptionist. The receptionist said Gregory went to the loo. The crew member shrugged and went to work on other stuff.
  • Half an hour later, Tessa got her break, and she came out to see Gregory, but he was nowhere to be found. She thought he went somewhere else to play, so she searched the area, but she still couldn't find him. Concerned, she asked the crew member where Gregory was.
  • The crew member paused for a moment, and only then did she realize something was off. "Oh no, I forgot because I was too busy! Where is he? He's been in the loo for a long time now. I haven't seen him."
  • Tessa looked horrified. For some reason, she had a bad feeling about the case. She quickly went to the loo to look for Gregory, but he was not there.
  • The crew member was shocked as well. She searched for the boy, and everyone else helped, but he was nowhere to be seen.
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