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Chapter 116 Picky

  • It had been days since they met, and since he was here, she could take the chance to talk to him. However, it was already midnight before she knew it, and it was already late night when they were done with the discussion. Tessa couldn't hold it and had already fallen asleep on the couch.
  • "Why is Tessa sleeping here? She's going to catch a cold." Timothy frowned when he saw his sister on the couch.
  • He was about to wake her up and tell her to go to the bedroom, but Nicholas stopped him. "Don't wake her up."
  • Tessa looked at him curiously. "But we can't let her sleep here."
  • "I'll do it." Nicholas picked her up before Timothy could react.
  • Tessa didn't notice it, and she even huddled closer to him so she could be more comfortable. A smile curled Nicholas' lips, and he took her to the bedroom.
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