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Chapter 111 It's Over

  • Nicholas rejected Gregory again.
  • This time, Gregory let go of Nicholas angrily. "No! I don't want to go to kindergarten. All of their classes are boring! I've already learned all of them, and the games they play are too childish. I'm already five years old, and I'm no longer three years old!"
  • Although Nicholas looked like he was about to laugh, he didn't say anything as he thought to himself, How can a five-year-old complain about other kids being childish?
  • Still, it was true that Gregory didn't need to go to kindergarten with his high IQ. Nevertheless, Nicholas insisted on sending Gregory to kindergarten because he wanted Gregory to interact with others and fit in with them. However, there was no use forcing Gregory to go to the kindergarten if Gregory didn't want to go, so Nicholas didn't force him to do so.
  • Despite that, it was dangerous to leave Gregory at home if he was going to think of ways to sneak out, so Nicholas paused before saying, "It's impossible for you to go there, but you can follow me to my company, and we can pick her up to eat lunch together during lunchtime."
  • Although Gregory was disappointed that he couldn't go to visit Tessa, going to Nicholas's company and having lunch together with Tessa was way better than staying at home.
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