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Chapter 101 A Deal

  • As Amber shivered in rage and showed her anger, Tessa remained calm and said, "Silas deserved what was coming to him, but you? Who are you to lecture me? My grandmother? Speaking of that, I guess you might have forgotten the fact that you drove my mom away from home and told me and my brother to forget about you as our grandma! So, why are you trying to boss us around here now? You were the reason Silas cheated on his wife. Because of you, he took our only home away and let us go hungry without qualms at all! A few years ago, my brother needed money to treat his legs, but you all turned us away! Now that Timothy has successfully created some revolutionary invention that could possibly bring him a huge fortune, you guys try to kidnap him back home because he seems useful to you all now! Where is your sense of shame?! I'm telling you now! I don't care whether it's you or anyone else, but Silas is going to spend his days behind bars, like it or not. If you mess with me again, I'll be sure to have you locked up in a cell too, and I swear I mean it."
  • Tessa angrily refuted the old lady, talking back with words like blades that cut through the skin.
  • In the meantime, Amber was rendered tongue-tied when she heard Tessa's words, finding herself on the brink of her sanity. She then pointed at Tessa's face with her shivering fingers.
  • "Y-You! You wh*re! You're an animal! You heartlessly sent your father to jail, and now you have no respect for your grandmother at all!"
  • After that, Amber turned her attention to the principal. "Do you see that, Sir? Anyone with conscience and manners would show some respect to their grandmother! So, I'm giving you two choices now! You either expel Timothy from your institute, or I will stay here and make sure everyone knows what kind of students your school educates. I'm going to involve the reporters and have them explore the hidden culture in your school!"
  • When the principal heard that, his face darkened. Judging from the conversation he just heard, he could tell that it was the people from the Reinhart Family who had wronged Tessa and Timothy in the first place. Thus, he couldn't help but disapprove of Amber for her shamelessly mean attitude toward Timothy, who was considered an outstanding student in the school. Nonetheless, when he heard Amber's threat, his face turned cold shortly before he sternly gave the old lady a stern warning.
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