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Chapter 8 Mate

  • Alpha Rofus gently made his way down the massive rocks on the opposite side of the waterfall, his gaze wandering all around. He had to figure out what was making those sounds. He likewise strained his eyes to see who it was right away. The new Alpha of the Blazepaw Guardians couldn't help but sense something peculiar and strange in his body as he descended and came closer to whatever creature it was. He appeared to have a connection with her that he couldn't put into words. Something he had never felt before in his body, but only now. He can't see her face as she is facing the waterfall.
  • "Who are you? What are you doing here?" Alpha Rofus voice was cold and serious. Added the tone of being the powerful one. "Answer me if you don't want your offense to deepen! You have entered the restricted territory. Do you even know that?" He groaned and roared to get her attention, but Amelia did not respond as if Alpha Rofus was alone in that location. "Answer me, humans!"
  • Because of the ferocity of the pouring water, Amelia still did not answer. She couldn't hear him since her tears were still streaming down her cheeks, and her mind was blown away by her sadness. She proceeded to vent her rage on her mother, making her feel even worse. Alpha Rofus' descent proceeded. He was taken aback to find her so soon. He blinked twice as he saw how that woman is astonished by waterfalls that continue to make a peculiar falling noise. Her whining sways together with the smashing sounds of the water. He couldn't see all of Amelia, who was still trying to stop crying and keep consoling herself, in her reflection.
  • "P-Please excuse me, Miss! Can't you hear me? What are you doing here alone? You are not permitted to enter here because you lack of authorization!" Alpha Rofus attempted to get her attention again, but she ignored him.
  • The new Alpha couldn't stop clenching his fist and tightening his jaw since he believed she was purposefully ignoring him despite hearing his voice. A stranger within their territory had just insulted him now!
  • "Hey, what are you doing here? I am sure that you knew that this forest was private. How did you manage to get inside? You trespass? Who permitted you to enter?" Alpha Rofus continued to question her.
  • Alpha Rofus looked more carefully at the woman using his flaring, sharp eyes. He was trying to contain himself and remain calm to avoid using violence. He needs to calm down, or else he might do something that he will regret later on with this human. He can't just change his appearance to become a wolf just to scare the woman away, especially if she is merely a human. The rumor might possibly spread like a wildfire to their entire island, causing residents to panic once more.
  • "Is she trying to drain my patience now?"
  • Because of the deafening sound, he couldn't see her weeping face, even though he knew she was crying. He didn't understand why he was so moved by her; after all, he didn't know Amelia. He didn't know her, yet he felt a connection with her that he couldn't express or understand.
  • Rofus' eyes were now perplexed behind her, and as he peered attentively at her back, he glimpsed her shoulder-length hair that resembled waves in the ocean. There, he found himself choking on his own saliva and trying to spit it back up. Something was drawing him closer to her, and he really wanted to take a whiff of her hair. But eventually, he realized he wasn't insane enough to do those things. As he proceeded to examine her appearance, he saw that she was similarly tall with a wonderful body form, indicating that she was still a young woman or human. A young woman who causes his heart to race instantly.
  • The wolf inside him, named Jack, was struggling to get out at that moment, as his eyes narrowed as he grasped the protruding stone on his side to gain strength. Beads of sweat are dripping now from his forehead. He longed to alter his shape right then, and he understood the cause was the loud cry of the unknown woman in front of him. His amazement does not stop there. He was even taken aback by what happened next, as Jack whispered something directly to him.
  • "Mate..." his inner wolf shouts with power, something he was not expecting to happen.
  • He couldn't help but broaden his eyes and was taken by surprise for a moment.
  • "Alpha Rofus, she is our mate! Can't you hear what I'm saying now? She is our mate!"
  • Did it prompt Rofus to be even more bewildered, since why not? He had waited a long time for that opportunity, but only here could he discover what he had been yearning for. And not only that, the woman who makes him whole and becomes his mate is called Luna by his pack—and she's human!
  • Alpha Rofus suddenly transformed into a different shape in the blink of an eye. He is now a white wolf with a pair of tantalizing gray eyes. His muzzle curled back, revealing a pearl-white set of teeth. Jack's ears made some movement and protruded forward, as his tail was lifted high as if he were so glad that he shifted now. He let out a loud howl as he entirely transformed himself into his wolf form. The scent of his mate, Amelia, lingered on the tip of his nose, which is scented. It was extraordinarily fragrant to him, like a combination of lemon and sandalwood, with the perfume of wildflowers in the forest. And Jack was the only one who could smell it. While glancing at Amelia, he uttered another growl, making every creature in the forest aware of his existence as the mighty one.
  • Jack just took a tremendous jump and landed on the back of Amelia without her knowing. He hurriedly embraced her from behind to soothe her sadness without any hesitation. He couldn't tolerate the sound of her sobbing, as if it were more painful for him than what Amelia was experiencing.
  • "Baby, please stop sobbing; I'm right here. It took me a while, but I've already found you!" Jack's hushed voice, full of adoration and excitement, was audible in Amelia's ear when he spoke out of the blue from behind.