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Chapter 6 Not Just A Dream

  • To sneak inside, I moved the barrier that the authority had placed on the tiny door as the other small entrance when the last event occurred a year ago without breaking a sweat. Before, it was easier for everyone, but now it is different and changing. Villagers could walk within the forest to hunt wild animals for their tables to eat or collect and gather wild plants and herbs for their health. When several unexpected incidents occurred to the residents within the forest without clear explanation, the owner decided to close it to the public. Until now, no one could enter without their consent. The owner also offered a two-person tour guide for a large group to guarantee that no accidents occurred while they were inside. It was a great concept, but obtaining permits takes many days, or it can take a week. And with my current predicament, I don't have enough time to do that. The island's people discovered that the victims were constantly at odds as if wild animals had murdered them and attempted to devour them due to bites with pointed teeth and claws predominantly on their necks. It increased their terror and anxiety in the forest.
  • "I'm fine, and nothing scary will happen to me," I whispered as I kept walking.
  • It is now sinking in my mind that coming inside is a bit scary. I shouldn't go inside; I should go to the seashore to ease my pain. My heart was beating so hard that it seemed to pop out of my chest. I realize now that I am startled. Inside a gloomy forest, I could see towering and enormous trees that made me shiver. I looked back and became even more terrified when I couldn't see the visible fence.
  • "C-Calm down, Amelia. You're going to be all right, okay?" I asked myself, my voice was now low and anxious. What if I disturb the creatures that are murdering some people? Will I be able to run as fast as I could before?
  • My nervousness did not leave my mind, especially when I had a flashback to my late father's story about the Forester Woods every time I asked him about the tales. He will always advise me not to go into the forest for my own protection, especially if I am alone. And I think I failed my father today by getting inside and not listening to his words.
  • "Amelia, please always remember that no matter what happens, you must not run within that forest. It was not safe for you, especially when you were by yourself."
  • It brought me to a standstill in a few seconds. I know fear is already written on my face. Dad won't tell me lies. I couldn't understand why I was suddenly frightened at that thought, because it was as if someone was watching me from afar, creatures that the average human eye couldn't see.
  • "I'm sorry, Dad. I'm so disappointed and angry at Mom's decision to marry someone else after you were only gone for a month." I murmured to make some thoughts go away. "I'm really upset with her as I couldn't accept that fact!" I added, as my lips were trembling.
  • After I let out a few heavy breaths, I continued to walk. I chose to ignore my strange feelings, despite the fact that the hair on my neck and entire body stood up from my inexplicable fear and increased anxiety.
  • "It was only on my mind. Such a creature doesn't exist." I whispered into the thick air.
  • My feet led me to the magnificent waterfall, where the falling water beads sparkled like diamonds in the sunlight. That is where the islanders frequently travel and visit. When there weren't any murders, there would always be a lot of people there, especially on weekends when they had free time. It was one of the locals' favorite places to visit, especially since it was included in the tour package. And the only way they can compensate for this is for them to be responsible and not leave any space junk in an area that could damage the beautiful scenery. And because only a few tourists can visit it once, the grass around it has grown tall. Although the wildflowers that can only be found there have budded and sprouted, the view is somehow still breathtaking. They are one-of-a-kind and bloom like no other flower found on the entire island. Plus, the area is quiet and has sounds from nature, which makes it appealing to the tourists who come here all the time.
  • "I had no idea that Forester Woods was so beautiful on the inside, despite its dangerous appearance on the outside. If I had known about it sooner, I would have come here to see these beautiful waterfalls and scenery every time I was sad." I uttered as my smile grew wider. And as it did, my stunning eyes, which mirrored the verdant environment in terms of color and beauty, no longer showed any sign of annoyance.
  • I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. My respiratory system is now feeling light and free. This feeling is also a bit familiar to me.
  • "Now, I love nature!"
  • After a while, I opened my eyes and began to look around. My heart literally leaped for joy at the overwhelming feelings of awe I was experiencing now. All of the resentment I felt for my mother earlier has been released and removed. The heart that had previously been filled with fury and anger was now brimming with happiness and serenity. I closed my eyes once more, involuntarily, to listen to the silence that was embracing me. It was not as scary as earlier. It was now comforting. After a few seconds, I took a deep breath again and opened my eyes.
  • "I hope this is not just a dream."
  • I took a few more steps closer to the deafening waterfalls to watch them more closely. There were also numerous rock formations around. The lovely setting was enhanced by a light misty breeze and the sounds of various wild insects in the daytime. I realized now that the Forester Woods were not the place my father had always told me about. It was the opposite, and it wasn't as frightening as I remembered from my childhood days. It was very different from the dangerous and unsafe forest that the locals had talked about over and over again for decades.
  • "Whoa! Does this place really exist?" I ask myself, still in disbelief, I ask myself. "Are you sure you are not only dreaming now, Amelia? "Is it a reality?"
  • After a few turns to admire the place, I slowly sat down on a huge rock, but when I was seated, I couldn't figure out why I was so angry, and my heart became heavy. Like magic in some fairytales, my emotions returned even as I glanced back at the waterfall that had previously relieved my pain. That sight made me even sadder for reasons that I couldn't fathom. I couldn't help but bury my face in my palms and bawl bitter tears of sadness down my cheeks.
  • I cried as if there was no tomorrow. The silence could not be broken because the falling waters of the waterfall were still more audible than the strength of my wailing at the time. I let out all of my emotional turmoil, but no matter how many tears I shed, I still felt like something was missing from my body, and I had no idea now what it was.