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Chapter 5 Who Cares?

  • I screamed out loud as I violently shook my head to let out my frustrations. I can feel every vein in my head nearly bulging, as if doing so would somehow alleviate the pain that I am feeling at this moment. And despite my best attempts to stop them, my tears continued to run freely down my face like a river. I feel betrayed by my mother!
  • "Hey, Amelia, listen to me. Take a deep breath and pay attention to what I have to say, please," my mother replied, trying to calm me down as she tried to get near me.
  • Her eyes, which were the color of the sky at the moment, were now concentrated on the mournful look that I was making in front of them. She diverted her attention away from me and moved toward her new spouse, Lusio. I know she strongly desired to embrace and beg for my forgiveness but could not move her feet to do that. After barely shedding a single tear during the funeral of my father, she found it hard to understand that I was grieving to this extent because she remarried another man. I can see that she could not believe that I was in so much discomfort at this very moment. Yeah, she was right that I chose to suppress my emotions in front of her to demonstrate how resilient and strong I was at the funeral. But this time I was entirely unable to hold back my tears and emotions anymore.
  • "No, Mom, you are selfish and a liar. I won't listen to you. You are going to make stories."
  • My father passed away due to colon cancer, which was not diagnosed promptly enough to be cured. Consequently, he passed away far sooner than we had expected. I most likely tried to show my mother that I could take care of her even after my father passed away by acting both unconcerned and strongly. I know my mom was surprised, as I was crying as if I were standing in the room where my father was laid to rest. My eyes were still filled with tears, and I couldn't stop them from falling!
  • "Amelia—"
  • "I couldn't believe what I learned today, Mom. I just couldn't! You are not like this! How is it possible for you to treat me this way?" I continued to mutter under my breath, shake my head again, and continue. "You are not usually this way, Mom!"
  • I kicked my feet on the ground, not minding if it was going to bleed more if I did that.
  • "Amelia, first listen to me—"
  • "No, Mom, you listen to what I have to say!" I stopped what my mother was about to say, my eyes flashing with fury and anguish now. "How could you do this without any sorrow on your face? How can you replace Dad in your life and heart so easily and say in front of me that this man is your first love? You are so cruel!" I lamented as tears continued to stream down my face.
  • Her mouth made several twitching motions, and I do believe that she considered how to respond to my questions, but in the end, she decided it would be best for her to be silent. It is not the right moment. It was not the ideal moment for me to learn the cause of her marriage to Lusio, besides the fact that he was her first love. I can read those words to her eyes!
  • "You've changed a lot from the mother I knew and grew up with!"
  • Before she could say anything, I turned and dashed out of our front gate. I need to leave!
  • "Amelia, where are you going?" She shouted, confused, as I took huge strides away from them. "Amelia! I am still talking to you!"
  • Instead of responding, I accelerated my steps even faster. I felt like I was drowning in my own tears at the time. I felt alone. Now that my dad is no longer with me, it has added to the pain and sorrow in my heart.
  • "Amelia, stop! Can't you hear me? Come back here! I'm still talking to you! Amelia!" she screamed, hoping that I would listen. I can imagine how her cheeks flushed as she felt humiliated in front of her new husband, Lusio. "What do you think you're doing now?! Amelia?! Amelia Rose, please!" she continued to yell, even if I was already far away.
  • I didn't turn to face them even though I heard my mother continue shouting and calling my name. My heart was resentful, yet my feet had no idea where they were headed. All I knew was that I needed to be away from them for a bit of time. I didn't know what more hurtful words to say as I faced them.
  • I come to a halt as I approach the main entrance of Forester Woods. The vast forest on the island. It was now an isolated area where no one would dare to enter. The locals cannot enter since it is now the Melbore family's private property. The affluent family who owned the half of the island, as I mentioned earlier. But because I was not in the mood to follow the rules and was brimming with rage, I opted to disobey them even though I knew I would be punished if I entered the forest without permission and was captured by the ranger of the forest.
  • "Who cares if I can go to prison today?"
  • That action was explicitly forbidden for reasons that they never clarified. But, of course, I believe that they will only punish me if the owners catch me inside, so I must be cautious in every movement that I am going to make inside the forest. I was also confident that no one was within the Forester Woods because it was midday, hot, and the owner had to be resting somewhere.I do believe that they will not try to go inside the woods at this moment. Nobody will see me as the witness, and even if I left the woods while the moon was rising and the sun had already set from afar or even at midnight, no one would believe or could tell the truth that I had disobeyed the rules. My only desire is to express my wrath so no one can hear my boisterous outbursts of anger towards the fate my mother chose.
  • "I'll be all right," I whisper as I walk quickly on the muddy route, unconcerned about the possible risk inside the forest if I continue to go on. "I'll get outside these woods later and go home when my heart has already alleviated the pain and hatred toward my mom."