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Chapter 2 Acquaintance

  • And being from a well-off family, I also had a lot of friends, some people around me pretending to be nice, and my real friends. Sometimes I can say that I am not interested in making more friends. I was a simple woman who enjoyed reading books the whole day, much like the people who called themselves my friends. And also, I am not yet in a serious relationship like they used to be. They told me, why shouldn't I try it? I am pretty, and some of the boys at school seem interested in getting to know me. Well, I am not yet ready to have a love connection, as they used to call it.
  • "No, I'm not interested. I'm too busy loving and having time with myself. Perhaps next time, if I have the time," I always told them.
  • They will laugh so hard because they knew from the start that I was never interested in men to begin with. I had no idea what was wrong with me, but these things hadn't crossed my mind yet. Yes, I have a crush on some individuals, but it has not grown into love or pure affection. It was on and off. I could feel it today or right at this moment, but when the day passed by, it also went away. The responsibility of having a boyfriend at such a young age also seems to be difficult for me. I am quite spoiled by my parents, so no one could understand me except them.
  • "Amelia, you must choose one. You know, we have more experiences from the past that we could laugh about when we are already in the future." Jennie gave her opinion about this matter while looking at our other friends.
  • I chose not to say anything, but I laughed and nodded, which showed that I got it and understood what she was pointing at. I really don't seem interested in guys right now.
  • "Well, all right."
  • I placed a bookmark on the page of the book I was currently reading and put it down. It takes me a few moments to catch my breath.
  • "Amelia?!"
  • "Coming, Mom!"
  • I slowly started to walk toward our gate.
  • "This time, I thought she'd leave me here for a week," I murmured into the air, furrowing my brow as I looked for answers to my questions. It was unusual. "I was fine with that, even if it was for a month. Living and sleeping alone is not bad. I am also used to it now." I continued walking barefoot.
  • I always locked it when my mother left a few days ago. It was for my safety. I feel safe inside when it is locked. Yes, people here are good people, but I don't trust anyone.
  • "Mom, why did you come back just three days after you left?" I ask her the same question that has been spinning in my head, as if I were surprised by her presence.
  • The gate was a small but solid body made of bamboo and trees like those of the other residents. Our house is also built from lightweight materials. A typhoon or other natural disaster couldn't hit this part of the island.
  • "Open up the gate, Amelia! What took you so long? Hurry up!"
  • My mother's name is Amia, and she is talking to me now in a hushed tone. I don't know why—maybe because outside was too hot. She could bring the key if she wanted to. I also used to like her voice. High-pitched tone.
  • I wrinkled my forehead, thinking that maybe she wasn't my biological mother at the time. That made me break out laughing as I fiercely shook my head.
  • Nah, impossible. I looked exactly like her!
  • "Come on, Mom, calm down your nerves!" I replied, trying to hold my laughter the best that I could. I know she is mad now. I was slow.
  • "Faster! You moved like a tired turtle on the beach with a sore back and a lazy bum! It was hot. Can't you see? You are full of lazybones!" She accused me as if it were true and had been proven by her.
  • I just rolled my eyes in secret; this was always our scenario. I was not completely surprised by how loud her voice was. I raised a small portion of my mouth's corner.
  • "Calm down, Mom, you are too loud!"
  • "How can I calm down when it’s hot?" she replied as she wiped away her sweat.
  • I ignored what she said, acting like it didn't bother me.
  • "Here I am coming, a few steps away, Mom!"
  • I was in such a hurry to get to the other side of the yard and open the gate for her that I didn't see the bundle of twigs until it was too late. So, I bumped into it and cut my foot with a red scratch. Slowly, I glanced down at my feet when I felt the hot liquid running, which was now stained with crimson blemishes and patches. I am sure that my Mom is furious beyond belief because she thinks I was pretending not to hear her.
  • "Amelia!"
  • "Wait just a second!"
  • I consisted of biting my bottom lip for a while to mask the excruciating pain I was feeling. Despite the awful feelings I was experiencing, I managed to look just over our fence and see my mother. When I moved my eyes around, I was startled to see a stranger standing next to her. I knew my reaction to his presence was strange; for a moment, I found myself unable to breathe. He looked like he knew my mother by the way he was standing there with her. Both of our eyes were on each other. I don't understand why I have a bad feeling at the same time as these unexplainable emotions.
  • Who is he? Do I know him? Maybe not.
  • I didn't know his name either, which made me shiver and gave me doubts that I couldn't explain. I don't remember my Mom telling me that she would bring some companions to our house when she went home.
  • "Oh, you brought an acquaintance with you."
  • It may sound rude, but it made me wonder: What is my mother thinking right now? If some people see her now, they might think that she replaced Dad easily. It could be a rumor for the whole island that turns out to be true.
  • My mom did not reply, as if she did not hear what I said. I could not move an inch on either of my feet due to my intense curiosity about him. For a split second, I forgot about my feet, unaware of the scorching heat of the sand under them. Now, I was paying attention to the unexpected visitor.
  • I have a bad feeling. Please tell me, he is just your friend and is only visiting us for a while. Or tell me he was your cousin or relative, Mom.