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Chapter 41

  • "Are y-o-you sure Mary?" Jane asked in a little stutter.
  • "Of course baby girl, we are almost late for school so better get prepared and go have your bath; I made toasted bread with eggs and I kept your tea on the table so hurry up." Mary commanded.
  • Jane dashed off to the bathroom and after having her bath she appeared looking squeaky clean. She looked beautiful irrespective of the hangover she had last night.
  • Mary falsely clears her throat, "Hmmn...Someone is looking a little extra today let me guess for Felix? I've been noticing you both around each other and I can see how fond you're of him and it seems he harbors same feelings for you." She teases.
  • "You're so delusional Mary, stop saying what you know nothing about. I respect him and that's it. He's just my friend." Jane said, trying so hard to convince Mary and downplay the feelings or crush she has for him.
  • Mary just nodded, she wasn't buying any of that. Why is Jane in so much denial? She thought she would make her see.
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