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Chapter 40

  • Mary nodded and used her hands to indicate she needed water to drink, "Water." Her voice croaked.
  • Georgina smiled at Mary and brought some water for her to drink. Which she gulped down gently and slowly pushed it aside to breathe.
  • Days turned into weeks and weeks into months and she finally got better. She looked better and her self esteem was boosted by Miss Georgina.
  • It took months for the burns on her body to heal, the scars were still there and she was still terrified of fire. Because it reminded her of that night; but Miss Georgina never made her feel like she was a burden.
  • She took care of her, tended to her every need, and for that Mary could never thank her enough.
  • She was very happy about that, after so long somebody accepted her. They did not call her a Witch or The Devil's Daughter, but called her by her birth name given to her by her lovely mother 'MARY'.
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