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Chapter 9 To sign

  • Thankful to the Goddess who has not let the Alpha King scold me, unlike to the words that were coming out to the mouth of Doris. She scares me that I will be scolded. The happenings are unusual that he even tells me some sort of words that were considered to be sweet. Others perhaps would not feel the same way.
  • Damon, on the other hand, told me to follow him. Going somewhere I do not know where. Probably he will not let me spread my legs. Might be a dirty thought, but let me just make it straight to what I want to point out.
  • It seems like Damon will bring me to his side just to make sure I will note how hard-working Alpha King was is. I somehow heard when we are still walking, heading to nowhere that Damon will attack some kingdom on other days. Days were not been told, like been predicted to happen, but do not know where.
  • “Where are we going exactly? We are walking with almost twenty werewolves guards at your side, as well as the Beta." I was wondering if we are heading to the fight. Do they want me to become bait?
  • Damon did not respond to me. He just walk straight, eyed the way, not me. Waiting for him to reply to me, but he did not do anything.
  • Thus, I am looking at the side where I can see the Beta. When I look at Roger, I smiled. It made her wonder why I did it, for sure he have sensed I have something that I wanted to know.
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