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Chapter 6 Meeting the queen

  • "Thank you, Doris,"
  • Doris and I have been walking around while I have my guard, at my back. Damon gives me a guard not to protect me, but to see if I am roaming around the Kingdom. To see the marketplace, the farm area, and where all of the elite families here in the Kingdom lived.
  • Comparing where I belong to where I have been now is not good, but I thought it would be better to know if my kingdom was the best among all of them.
  • "It's nothing and you should not thank me." Doris continued to walk with me and glanced at the back to see the guard who have a serious and deadly stare and does not talk at all. "I am just a worker in the Kingdom you know and besides, you are already in line with the king. I mean, you are like a queen already in the kingdom."
  • Slightly, I laughed at what she said when we are walking at the side of the garden. I get the red rose to pique my interest and smell it to let the idea of me being the queen here. It was not my thing.
  • Last night, I have even cried all out loud and Damon, as well as the Beta, became worried about my actions. They thought of me killing myself, but end up locking me in the room without any lights turned on as a sign of punishment for all of what I did. I just missed my family and want to be a farmer again.
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