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Alpha King's Bound Breeder

Alpha King's Bound Breeder

R. Bacolod

Update: 2022-03-16

Chapter 1 Chased

  • “Trade those crops in the township, not significant from the Kingdom of Tulinda.”
  • My mom’s expression had been in my brain since she was on the lawn with my father, who takes hard to earn a living. It was hard for us to be reaching and live in the dream I wished when we were just poor, favored being the lowest positions of werewolves here in the kingdom. Our jobs revolve only around some low thought jobs, but for me, farming was not that low.
  • I don’t know who the hell leveled those jobs as low.
  • And if we wanted to have another job, we need to marry a person or at least be mated to a higher positioned werewolves so our lives will move up.
  • I get the basket full of crops and others, which will send to the town of Secoya. Just a small town, next to the woodlands. I can see the heaviness of the basket in how I carried it when the formation of my body had been curved, which almost made my other grip was low.
  • It has not leveled to the other hand of mine.
  • “Goodbye!” I shouted, waving a hand to my parents.
  • They stopped from working, from bending the knees, straightening as they waved their hand as they were holding something. Formations of their mouth gave me an idea that they were telling me something.
  • But I could hear it. I knew what they would tell me, and it was to be careful from the timbers as they knew it was dangerous for a weak werewolf like me to pass the lumbers. Though, I passed the woods several times.
  • It was not horrifying, bright when the sun was still above and what deemed it dangerous was the villains from the other kingdoms were going there to fight for some trespass they saw, passing from the lands that were never there. It is considered their land as they marked it and put a level that no one can ever interfere.
  • That only leads to a fight.
  • I walked, bringing all the baskets and some plastic with something I needed to sell. Then, I stopped walking, stopping at the front of the considered entrance.
  • “No one can harm me amid the woods.” Making myself better, not letting my inner self be worried. “No need to be worried.”
  • I was tapping my shoulder, causing me to feel like something was comforting me.
  • My left foot had been stepped in front, driving my walk, which the cold air is welcoming inside the forest.
  • A few minutes I was walking, I had already reached the middle of the woodlands. Tall trees around, many ferns had been at the side of the tiny road that could only pass through it.
  • I know in the minutes, I will be arriving in the town. But as I went on to move, a signal came from inner me that was making me nervous. That told me that danger would push me into trouble. Damn, I do not want to be worried enough, and if I continue to be concerned, I will not arrive at the town.
  • “Attack!” A shout came from the male’s voice; it seemed to be the voice of a guard from the kingdom. I was not sure which domain it was happened to be the guard. But what I can tell is that it was the guard.
  • Then, I stood and froze from where I stood as I saw that there were a lot of fighting werewolves guards who were running towards me.
  • My eyes had been widened in shock, making me put the crops away from my hand. It was not better for me to consider first the produce rather than myself that the werewolves have attacked.
  • Wait. Am I right from what I am seeing right now?
  • Seeing many of them running towards me made me think that I hallucinated about what I was seeing. I tried to blink a couple of times and what I saw in front was not yet changed.
  • It was real and wasn’t unreal from what I saw in front of me.
  • I have already started to run and do not want to stay from where I am staying.
  • “Damn!” I said.
  • I started running fast, and my adrenaline taught me that I should now leave my position. I just ignored the crops I was carrying rather than die in the middle of a fight of werewolves.
  • I knew an opponent was running as well, or maybe I was the only opponent they considered to have set foot in the so-called territory. To my knowledge, no one yet owns the land on which I stand. Or I think it’s still part of the kingdom of Tulinda even though the woods are still outside the main entrance.
  • I continued my run no matter what part of the woods, no longer going my run back to the kingdom I was in.
  • I no longer knew where I was going.
  • Whether I’m going north or even south, I don’t know where exactly because I can no longer see the sun in the sky because it is well covered by the clouds above.
  • “I am not included in the fight!” I shouted that at them. “Maybe you’re just mistaken in what you’re looking for!”
  • “We’re not mistaken,” replied a werewolf that was still in a human form, that was running faster than me.
  • I ran even faster, and I think I also ran faster than them. But I know I’m still weaker in their eyes, even though I know I should stop because I’m not an opponent.
  • I even tried to look behind me and saw two men a few years older than me, as if they were even younger. I can no longer look at them, for I fall to the ground.
  • But in my dreaded part, I suddenly fell and fell to the ground, signaling for me to stop and immediately feel the tight grip on my hand by a guard who I thought was from another kingdom.
  • I was gasping for breath sitting on the ground, and I couldn’t even stand up because I felt my knees weak. I also didn’t have the strength to stand for a long time. These were the signals for me to surrender to them as I heard other Werewolves fighting well not far from me. The werewolves in human form suddenly became Werewolf form when they jumped to attack another werewolf.
  • I turned my gaze back to the werewolf standing in front of me. Moments later, I suddenly felt a sharp nail of his.
  • “The woman in front of you, Beta Roger, has a smell from the Tulinda Kingdom. She is considered an enemy who needs to be killed even if she passes by.”
  • “Right,” Beta called out as a man sharpened their teeth, and his eye changed as well, as did Beta’s eye that turned blue. “You have to die.”
  • “I—”
  • “No matter what you say, that’s what our Alpha King is saying. The other werewolf that we don’t breed that can be seen in the woods is the one who should be killed,” Beta Roger said.
  • “I agreed,”
  • Although I agree that I am an opponent, I’m afraid I also have to disagree that they will kill me. I am innocent of everything, and it is only difficult for them to be killed immediately. Only my blood was the sin and one reason why they called me an enemy.
  • Moments later, I felt Beta’s hand. If one called his hand, he touched my hair, signaling me to look at him.
  • “Please,”
  • “No. You need to be killed,”
  • I closed my eyes because that was the signal for me to feel that his sharp nails were on my neck as if any time I would wait. That was the reason why I was going to die.
  • If I only knew that I would die too, I wish I could at least say goodbye to my parents. For them to be ready, I will return the corpse to our house.
  • But a moment later, I felt like a werewolf with what he called Beta immediately said, and he said something.
  • “Wait. I feel like he’s weird, and there’s blood like that an Alpha needs,” said the other guy, made me about to open my eyes.
  • “Really?”
  • “Yes, I am sure. The Alpha needs her. We should send her to the kingdom and let the Alpha sense it. He is the one who can tell it,”
  • “Fine. Let us bring her to the Alpha and let the Alpha decide whether to make her his enslaved person or worst, being killed.”