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Chapter 5 Not Liking This

  • (Gabriel)
  • The next morning when I woke up, I decided to check up on the pack since I had nothing else to do. Sophia left before I woke up, which she always does after a fun night together. After I got ready, I got something to eat from the kitchen I had here in my room and left. I had everything I needed here since the entire top floor was off-limits because it was mine. Getting on my bike, I left Jared in charge until I got back, something that I often do. I sighed as I felt my temper begin to spiral out of control since I have to go back to fulfill my Alpha duty. I didn't want to, but I was the one who came up with this idea so I had to run with it. When I arrived, I stopped and parked my bike then pulled out a pack of cigarettes. My wolf Alaric started to pace in my mind. He was panting and acting strange, but I blocked him because I couldn't deal with him and his antics right now. After I was done smoking, I made my way inside the pack house so that I could get these meetings over and done with. Mom saw me and smiled, before hugging me.
  • "I'm glad you're here darling, Mr. Jones is in the office waiting on you." I groaned and nodded my head, not being one hundred percent part of this. It was annoying to deal with shit like this sometimes. Opening the office door, I saw Mr. Jones sitting in his seat waiting for me. I sighed and made my way over to the desk, then plopped myself down in the chair and kicked my feet up on the desk which frightened Mr. Jones. "Hi, what can I help you with?" I asked as I stared at him without blinking. I wasn't trying to intimidate the man, I just wasn't in the best of mood like I said.
  • "I-I came here on request of my Alpha who wanted to know if you're still willing to sell the piece of land that he had been talking about." I scoffed and folded my arms.
  • "What has Dad been telling him?" Mr. Jones started to frown before replying.
  • "That he isn't selling it, that he wants to use it for something," I smirked at him and showed him the door. He didn't have to second guess what I meant as he sighed and got up and left, not saying anything. Is this some ploy to waste my time? Did Dad include him to use it as a test? That's all I could think about, so maybe I'm right. Alaric started to act up again, I sighed and decided to ask him what his problem was when he dropped a bomb on me that I never expected.
  • 'For fucks sake, don't you dare block me again. I've been trying to tell you that our mate is here.' I stood up as quickly as I could, trying to go search for my mate when Alaric took control of my body and stopped me.
  • 'The fuck you did that for?' I asked, feeling irritated that he was keeping me from my mate. 'I'm doing it for your good. Our mate is not a wolf, but a human. As far as I can tell, the scent from earlier told me that much.' A human? I'm mated to a human. Fuck, could this day get any better?
  • 'What am I supposed to do now?' I asked, still in shock. Could this day turn out to be my lucky day? I hope so.
  • 'What we need to do is wait and see, do not announce that we are her mate as yet. Let's get a feel of it first and then we will pounce. Remember she's human, so she will probably act differently towards us, once she finds out that we are wolves.' I slumped when I realized that he was right. I couldn't just go after her like that, I have to get her to trust me first. But first, I have to see her. To see what she looks like, even though it doesn't matter to me if she was unattractive I would still want her.
  • 'Stop being so sappy. Let's finish up this other meeting and get the hell out of here.' That, I had to agree on. A knock sounded on the door and a man walked in while holding his head high as if challenging me. I sneered at him, as I suddenly didn't like him. He gave off a vibe that made me want to punch him. After we shook hands, he sat down while looking around the office with a condescending look on his face. Alaric growled, wanting to get out and fight him, I had to tame my wolf a bit before things got out of hand.
  • "You were informed about this meeting before I came here right?" I raised my eyebrow at him, wondering who he was talking to like that. "Name and title," I replied, which had him glaring at me.
  • "Marston Shepard, Alpha of the Blue Lake Pack." Alpha? That's strange.
  • "If you are an Alpha, how come I didn't know?" I asked, wondering if this was a sick joke Dad was playing on me. Marston shook his head and folded his arms.
  • "I hid my scent on the way here. How do you think others would react at the sight of an alpha that is not from their pack?" I guess he was right, but I didn't like to be kept in the dark.
  • "My pack members were briefed on who was coming here and Dad already told them not to lay a finger on anyone that's coming here for a meeting. Next time, do not enter my office like that, I want to be able to smell who is coming here." Marston didn't protest, so we got started on the meeting. For the rest of the day, I have been declining offers over and over. Dad said that he was going to leave me in charge of the meeting as a way of punishment and right now, I wish he would just shoot me because of how boring it was. What the fuck have I gotten myself into you?