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Chapter 4 Are These People Crazy?

  • (Leah)
  • "So, you wanted to talk to me about something important?" I asked Olivia after I woke up. I did my morning routine and got dressed, then made my way downstairs to see Olivia exiting the kitchen. She chuckled nervously while shaking her head.
  • "Maybe I should hold off on that talk until later," Olivia replied, acting strange. She was looking around as if someone might hear her as if she had something to hide.
  • "Who cares? What are your plans for today?" I had no idea what I was going to do since it was Monday now and a very busy one at that.
  • "I have to go to work at this club called Hot Pursuit, it's a motorcycle club owned by someone I know. If you need a job there, I could talk to him for you." I got excited at the thought of being able to work, no matter where as long as it's putting food on my table and paying the bills I'm all good.
  • "Yeah do that please, what do you do there?" Olivia smirked at me, not answering my question. I guess it was a secret.
  • "I'll talk to my boss for you when I get there. Don't forget to look around and get familiar with the place, oh and the kitchen is easy to find, just follow your nose and if you hear lots of growling or someone suddenly starts to push you around, just go the opposite way and don't say anything. I mean it Leah, I know that you like to run that big mouth of yours." I started to pout for the disrespect. I was not like that and I refuse to believe so. I might curse a lot, yes, but that's just my personality.
  • "Can't promise you anything," I replied, making Olivia sigh.
  • "Just behave, please? I'll see you later." After she hugged me, she left saying that she was going to be late. I decided to take her up on that offer and walked around, trying to get familiar with the place. After locating the kitchen which was extremely huge and filled with expensive appliances, I got something to eat and made my way outside. Some girls and boys are working in the kitchen, no more than eighteen years old or so. I didn't have to lift a finger because they gave me what I needed without asking any questions, which was surprising, to say the least. Once I was outside, I saw Gloria and a man walking together and waving to her. She motioned for me to come to her which I did. At least I saw a familiar face here, it was so fucking boring.
  • "Hey, did you get settled in alright?" Gloria asked and I nodded my head.
  • "Yeah, it's gorgeous here. I have to thank you again for helping me." I replied, to which she waved off.
  • "It's my duty to help people in need. Before we go any further, this is my husband Lucien Houston. He's a bit stubborn just like my children, so you'll have to forgive him if he acts like that with you." Gloria said, making Lucien scoff.
  • "I am not stubborn, I just like things going my way." I giggled at the way Gloria was looking at him, she rolled her eyes and sighed.
  • "He and one of our sons have been getting into a lot of fights lately. Our other son? Heck if I know what's wrong with him. He wants to find his mate before taking over as Alpha and the other one wants to run a club instead of doing his duty." Lucien shot Gloria a look as if he was telling her to shut up, which she did. Why was everyone being so secretive with me ever since I got here? I can't stop myself from feeling like something strange was going on in this place, it's located deep in the forest like Gloria told me, hidden away from everyone. But despite that, they would still leave and come back as if nothing happened. What or who were they hiding from?
  • "I'm sure they'll come around, you can't force anyone to do something they don't want to, it will just come back and bite you in the ass," I replied, making Gloria laugh.
  • "Seems as if that's what's happening. Well, Gabriel agreed to come back home some of the time, but for Ashton, he's a lost cause." I found myself shivering when she mentioned Gabriel. I didn't know why, but something inside of me was telling me to go to this Gabriel person but whatever the reason was I ignored it.
  • "You just have to give them time, sooner or later they will come crawling back and begging for forgiveness." That had Lucien laughing.
  • "I like you, welcome to the pack dear," Lucien said before hugging me. He and Gloria walked away leaving me standing here thinking that these people were crazy. They talked about packs and Alphas and mates. Wait a damn minute! I've read about this somewhere but I wasn't sure where. My memory wasn't that great at the moment seeing as I was still thinking about my ex. But those words sounded familiar, where have I heard about it before? I shrugged my shoulders, not having the time to think about such things. Maybe I have found myself living amongst crazy people, so I just have to see it as that. Or maybe they were hiding something and it was up to me to find out. What did Olivia want to talk to me about again? It sounded serious. I couldn't stop myself from thinking that maybe it had to do with the way these people were talking and I was probably right. I needed to learn a whole other language and that's going to take some time. But, I'll learn eventually. As I continued to walk around, I saw a lot more people than before. The place was packed with them. I greeted some, but others kept their distance from me. I just hope that I didn't make a mistake by coming here.