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Chapter 45

  • Eric(A week later)
  • I briefly looked for support in my wife's eyes as I began the speech. I felt honored that the people looked beyond differences between both warring parties and has me reinstated but returning had been nothing but easy. Neither was it easy to face the fact, I was facing thousands of people who knew I wasn't one of them. I felt foreign but Maisy was there to give me the support I needed if only I could get the thought of how wild we were last night. I shook off my dwindling thoughts and focused on my speech.
  • "I'm here to thank you all for keeping an open mind in the recent discovery of the supernatural in Nodith and I will forever be thankful for reinstating us in. For years, Humans and mystics have battled one another due to fear. Fear kills and we have to admit we do stupid things when we are afraid. I hope from now on, both factions can work hand in hand for the progress of Nodith."
  • There was silence when I was done. The good kind of silence. Everyone had been through a lot and I didn't expect them to be up and running any time soon.
  • I headed back to the castle seeing Osei talking to Maisy. I was reminded of Anthony and Sara. Osei had taken my brother along with Sara for a spiritual treatment having informed me their predicament was caused by dark magic.
  • "How are they?"
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