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Chapter 43

  • Anthony"Where am I?" I asked myself the second I got conscious.
  • Everything was blurry but I could comprehend quite well where I was. The haunting echos of dropping water and the smell, It was a cave. I tried to struggle out of whatever was restricting me but I couldn't. The strange part was I wasn't bound. It was something else. A crackling sound followed and the room was ignited in a rich orange color. I got a view of what was weakening me. A silvery liquid I knew too well. Mercury. Was I taken by a hunter?
  • "I see you're awake." The familiar voice said.
  • I tried to take a look at the monster but his face was hidden behind the torch, covered in the velvety darkness.
  • "Who are you? What do you want?"
  • "I actually don't know Anthony."
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