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Chapter 40

  • Eric  Conrad's death was a game-changer. There was no way I could to anyone until my coronation was over. It would ruin my already laid down plan which was pretty smooth. Plus, preparation was already made. It would be disappointing to dash the people's hope. I had seen them flock in and out the castle today, Their face clearly filled with adoration. I couldn't bear to dash those hopes but something else bothered me. Maisy mentioned Valentine being a clue and I had tried to ignore it before but I just couldn't now. The only answer that rung repeatedly to my eardrums was Anthony and when I pondered a bit about it,  a part of me believed I wasn't far from the truth. Conrad had a secret affair with Emilia and there was surely something I was missing but I  had a theory that the ghost asking for vengeance against Anthony was Valentine.
  • "Your Majesty, " A maid whispered interrupting my thoughts.
  • I faced her and noticed she was holding the holy regalia. A purple robe that had become a tradition for royals to wear while being inaugurated to office. I instructed her to hand it over just before Anthony took the robe off her hands.
  • "Excuse us." He ordered.
  • Now wasn't the smartest time to ask him but I needed to get it off my chest but still, How does one accuse his own brother of murder? The maid nodded and exited the room leaving us both to converse.
  • "Dad would have been so proud," Anthony noted, equipping me in the robe.
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