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Chapter 38

  • Maisy
  • The darkness cloaked the bloodshed between strong felines. One clothed in light, The other in darkness. Breathing heavily, I watched the clothed beast tear each other skin off. I made out human physique from within the animal skin and continued watching as they both tore their way out of the animal skin. The white wolf was Eric. The black wolf was Conrad. I could see the hate in both their faces as they charged on each other the second time to finish the job. However the light seared through the darkness. Plastic melted and the true monster was exposed. The blood brother.
  • "Anthony!"I squirmed.
  • My eyes were heavy hut I could tell I was in bed. It was just a dream. A really strange one. I remembered Conrad's face melting to reveal Anthony under a mask.
  • "You look tense. Is this bad timing?" Someone noted making me jerk.
  • I wasn't aware someone was here. It was Conrad but the instant I saw his almost transparent blue skin, I knew what the dream might have meant.
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