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Chapter 37

  • Eric
  • "What happened?" I asked a guard I could find.
  • "The chimera attacked travelers Sire."
  • But it was dead. I examined the bloody scene. The rider was decapitated, Blood covering his entire half and the horses were brutally maimed. I continued to watch the spectacle with dread. I still didn't understand how this could happen. I could vividly remember the killing of the abomination and we buried it. Even that shouldn't cheat death.
  • "Sire, We found Sir Anthony." A guard yelled a few meters away from me.
  • The words couldn't even make it out of me. I ran to the limp body and I swear to God, My blood ran cold when I confirmed it was Anthony. This wasn't a random attack on another villager like I thought. It was Anthony's carriage.
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