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Chapter 33

  • Maisy
  • Too scared to move, Too scarred to breathe, Too stiffened to look. Maybe not... My eyes stayed glued on the distorted figure screeching in pain. Each agonizing cry reminding me of the first time I met Eric. I watched him shrink, his bones tearing out of his skin. He was changing...into something different, Something inhuman. I clamped my eyes shut, trying not to faint. Right now, It felt like the only sane thing to do.  His screams stopped. My trembling eyes flickered, catching the sight of ghost-white fur, a creature on all fours. Eric... He... He shifted into a wolf! My subconscious took me down a memory lane. The white wolf... Eric! They weren't separate entities. They were one and the same. The jitters were literally leaving me dry.
  • My head felt blank, a heavy and light feeling altogether. I couldn't comprehend what I was seeing or maybe I didn't want to. Was I actually seeing this?
  • The truth hit me hard. This was Conrad's big family secret. The Clarkes were werewolves.
  • In that frozen second between standoff between two beast, I see their eyes flick from me then back to each other in preparation for the big fight.A wolf's face should be unreadable but the moment Eric or the white wolf rather peered in my direction, I could see things. The steel-blue eyes filled with worry, fear and for a split second, I didn't know what to feel.
  • Betrayal? Or the fact that he was willing to sacrifice his secret for me?
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