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Chapter 31

  • Lucy
  • Tricking was the easy part. I had gained Prince Eric's trust. A first step to taking back what was taken from me.  The excitement in me could not be contained. I needed to tell someone.
  • I peered in Maisy's direction. She and grandfather we're in a conversation so deep He barely recognized my presence. It was the perfect time to slide away. No one would notice the disappearance of a pardoned slave. I headed to the empty balcony to do something I actually cared about, To speak to someone I actually had a bond with.
  • Certain I was alone, I took off the necklace. It gave a shimmery green glow inciting the presence of the entities.
  • "About time." My father's disheartening voice broke the silence.
  • I faced the fading figure. A streak of grey smoke that still kept his apparition.
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