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Chapter 19

  • Eric
  • After the drama outside with Spencer. I needed some well-deserved rest. There was a pack meeting after all.I laid in bed, heartache all over. The only image my mind could conjure was Maisy. Her beautiful brown eyes and rosy red cheeks.
  • "You need to stop!" I almost yelled out.
  • My wolf sent me a fuzzy feeling, it felt like mischief. It was a bum I couldn't take the suppressing pills at this time of the month. The full moon was getting closer each passing day and using them might have adverse effects like killing my wolf which would be my death or giving it total control over my body.This was the precious moment my wolf used against me to make me do it's bidding and during these times, I was its slave.
  • A knock on the door jolted me back to reality. I got to my feet and went for the door.
  • "Who's there?"
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