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Chapter 7 Message in the Bottle 2

  • Joey felt that he had not talked to his best friend for far too long and he felt the need to remedy that. He was an impulsive person and he very much hated postponing things. Checking the time, he found that it was just in the very early hours of the morning. Any red-blooded person would be in bed by now and no sane person would call someone at this hour just to say hi, but Joey never considered himself sane, not completely. Switching his bottle of beer over to his right hand, he grabbed the phone with his dominant left. Sure enough, Ben was asleep. On the third ring, a groggy voice droned from the other end of the line.
  • "Still asleep, eh Benny?"
  • "That you, Joey? What's the problem?", Ben drawled in a sleepy voice.
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