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Chapter 9

  • *Ansh Pov*
  • "It is very far. So, I think this is the best." I heard Anu's voice when I walked near to the bedroom door and slowly opened it.
  • "Did you tell your brother?" Kirthi asked making me frown, thinking what are they talking about.
  • "I will! He has to wake up first, right? Do you give sleeping pills every day? I never saw my brother waking so late before. He was supposed to be finishing his gym work right now." Anu continued to talk laughing.
  • "I will start my gym now by making the coffee and lifting the cups." I said making my presence known and they both turned to look at me.
  • "And yes, she kind of gives sleeping pills." I added, staring at Kirthi while for the first time she gave that little blush to which I walked near to her and kissed her for the first time in the audience of my sister.
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