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Against All Odds

Against All Odds


Update: 2022-01-11

Chapter 1

  • She stared at the three people before her with the heart beating too damn high, but still tried to maintain a serene expression on her face and just waited.
  • She was never good at showing patience and always been curious to know whatever is not known. And now it is nearly killing her to wait, but she knows she can't do anything other than that.
  • And then she heard, "Fine! Fine, I will break up with her. Happy?"
  • His voice reached her ears, but it took a few seconds to get it settled and she blanched but controlled herself to see two people showing their relief while he is giving a blank expression.
  • "How could you say that? After all this time?" she asked in a whisper but not in a shaking voice for which she is proud of right now.
  • "This will be for the best." He stated and the anger took the place of the shock.
  • "For whom?" she asked and he closed his eyes before opening them to stare at her.
  • "Look... you are not understanding..." he trailed off, looking at the other two people.
  • "Not understanding? I am a nurse! I can understand anything even regarding what is troubling a patient. So, you can try to make me understand." she persisted knowing well he never liked it when someone pushes him.
  • "This is my decision!" he stated and took a step near her.
  • "You are not alone in this to take such decision." she pointed out, taking a step herself near him.
  • "There can't be any relationship if one of us doesn't want it." He pointed backstepping near me.
  • "Fine! I don't want to be with you anymore then." Saying that she stepped to aside and started walking off ignoring the stunned expression of his.
  • Now, she can reach some safe place before letting the pain out and overcome it soon. It isn't like it's the first time, someone is throwing her out of their life, right?