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Chapter 4

  • One in the Foundation realm could last 8 months without food. The Foundation realm was difficult to achieve. Some became Foundation practitioners at age thirty. The geniuses would reach this stage at age 14, depending on their spiritual roots.
  • Han Fei Fei's roots were only slightly above average and since they had isolated her in a courtyard for two years, she had much time to cultivate before being thrown here and left to die for a crime she knew nothing of.
  • Now Han Fei Fei's only wish is for the ones who made her ugly and the ones who made her suffer in the cold palace to get what they deserve but that they should not die.
  • She had learned a summoning technique from a travelling powerhouse at age 12 and that is why even though this involved her life she could do it with no fear.
  • She wished that whoever takes on her identity to clear her name, make the wicked parties pay, and then the person is free to do whatever she wants in this world. She never got to see the emperor's face even once before dying. Even when she had saved him from drowning and a sneak attack, she never saw his face. This was her only regret. She felt she had lived a meaningless life.
  • Theresa truly felt pity for the deceased concubine, but her complainant side kicked in. Why did it have to be her? She wanted to attend a concert with her idol performing. Ah! The wasted money, the now useless tickets, and even her doll were gone. Without that doll by her side, she never felt secure.
  • Now, what would she do? How would she even start taking revenge for the deceased? Now Theresa wished for nothing more than to tear Han Fei Fei to pieces.
  • While Theresa was deeply involved in her dreams, a certain man was getting impatient. Why won't she wake up? She needs to explain why she forced him out of the home to be her pet.
  • Looking at her sleeping peacefully, he felt some kind of familiarity toward her, like he'd known her for a long time. What was this feeling? He had never felt like this before.
  • Oblivious to the man's thoughts, Theresa dreamed that her parents were in a heated argument. Suddenly her dad picked a gun and shot her mum in the head.
  • "No" she shouted in her sleep, waking the man from his thoughts. Alarmed, he looked at her to see she was sweating and she was shivering.
  • "Woman, you are bad luck," he muttered. Now he was going to take care of her taking on the role of a parent.
  • Cursing her in his heart, he walked towards her, a frown on his face. But the frown did not destroy his beauty. When he wanted to check her pulse, he heard a farting noise.
  • Wait! What was that sound he just heard? Could his ears be playing tricks on him? He did not need to wait a long time to get an answer. In no time, the entire room permeated of fart smell and he held his nose.
  • Looking back at her, he saw that she had turned over her butt facing the ceiling. She was wearing high waist bum shorts and a crop top when she appeared in this dynasty, so her white smooth legs were revealed to the man whose mouth immediately went dry.
  • What was this situation?
  • Earlier, he was preoccupied with thoughts of how to free himself from this unworthy lady that he did not spare a minute to size her. Now he had fallen into this condition, how then would he be able to accomplish his mission? No! He must cover those tempting legs now before he does something he'll regret in life.
  • Right at the moment he wanted to use another blanket he had taken from his storage ring to cover her, he heard another farting noise and he need not find the culprit. It was the young lady.
  • You need not guess his reaction because this handsome guy's face was changing back and forth from green, gray and black. His lovely eyes were now red and smoke was coming out of his ears and nose. All he wanted was to cut her into a thousand pieces!
  • Doesn't she know who he is? How dare she fart in his presence? If he doesn't teach her a lesson what would become of him?
  • Without wasting time, he immediately took out a whip from his storage ring. This whip was made from the bones of a high-level dragon and had only been used on one person and that is, the one who tried to catch him in his fox form.
  • Just one lash from this whip took out the man's skin and another ground his bones to powder. He isn't supposed to do this to his future mistress. But pride and anger had blinded him into wanting to kill her. He hadn't merged his blood with hers and hadn't officially made her his master yet.
  • Looking at the culprit who was sleeping peacefully, he clenched his other fist and raised the bone whip and whipped her butt, but to his surprise, she only scratched her butt and said in her sleep.
  • "Ah! It tickles." while giggling.
  • This infuriated him further. His mighty whip was only tickling her butt? What does that make him? A pervert? How dare she refer to him like that? With that, he whipped her butt twice, but she continued to sleep.
  • "Woman! Die!" he shouted as he transferred 40% of his magical power into the whip. He is determined to finish her no matter what. But then, he heard another farting sound followed by several more. For a while, the whip remained hanging in his hand while his eyes popped out.
  • "Woman! What do you take me for? Are you a skunk? I hate skunks" he thought. As if replying to him, she threw away the deceased Han Fei Fei's blanket he had initially covered her legs with and farted again.
  • Now our cute guy had become very irked resulting in him increasing the amount of power in his whip to 70% and whip her butt. She immediately opened her eyes and screamed like a madwoman.
  • "I'll kill you today! How dare you break Lovina's hand? Die!" with that, the half-awake Theresa jumped down from the bed and began pulling at the man's trousers.
  • "I'll use your pants as Lovina's rag," she shouted. Then the next thing was to bite his right hand. He had white skin that many maidens dreamed of, but here Theresa was biting his hand until blood came out.
  • All this time, it stunned the man with mouth opened wide like a dead fish. What had he done? Did he just worsen the situation?
  • Looking down once more at his future mistress, he sighed and shook her off, but she still came back and bit his other hand. Then a sudden realization struck him.
  • "Did she just form a contract with me?" realizing this, his face turned green and then black.
  • " This savage lady dared contract him without his permission? How many have tried to form a contract with him but are now laying six feet beneath mother earth and this woman...
  • He snapped out of his thoughts when he saw her crying while still biting his hand. He was having a strange feeling. One he had never had before- pity.
  • What was wrong with him? He had never felt pity for anyone, but why her?