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Chapter 3 Chosen

  • chapter 3
  • We all sat down in total silence that night.
  • even the beatings of our hearts could be heard.
  • My eyes were hurting so bad from crying too much and I didn't even know what to do anymore .
  • I was still finding it hard to believe that my life is just going to end in just a matter of seconds. .
  • The Alpha just allowed us to come home with our families for just a short time ,the blood moon is tomorrow and they needed to start the ritual now so that they won't be delayed .
  • I never knew I had special abilities and even till now I still feel empty. I don't have anything of such in me but yet I was still chosen for the ritual.
  • I cleaned off the tears from my eyes and I raised up my head to see my parents staring at me like this was going to be the last time they were going to see me .
  • My two elder brothers had that cold look on their faces while Tessa had been crying along with me all this while, in fact her face was just swollen from crying.
  • " I thought you said that you had turned to your wolf form a month ago ?" my dad asked, looking at me and I nodded my head like a baby .
  • "I don't see any reasons why you should be chosen for this ritual ,I thought they said that only girls that haven't changed to their wolf could participate in the ritual "My dad said almost at the verge of tears ,even though he was trying his possible best not to cry ,I could tell that he was broken .
  • A knock on the door brought us out of our thoughts and fresh tears began to fall out of my eyes .
  • "Mom they are here to take me "I said crying out loud and my mom pulled me into her arms .
  • I cried out loudly at the thought that this was going to be the last time that I was ever going to see my family .
  • "My daughter, you don't have to be scared ,I know that you will come back alive "dad said and with that he hugged me more tightly than I had ever imagined.
  • Each and every of it sibblings hugged me so tight,even .
  • I wondered what would happen if I didn't come back at that moment ,I would really miss my sister .
  • My sister and I are really close so it was really hard for them to separate us and now it was happening. I was just heartbroken and I even felt like dying the next moment .
  • I was about to walk out of the house when she held my hands and put something into them and with that he hugged me more tightly than I had ever imagined ..
  • we pulled away and she dropped something into my hands.
  • The guards were already impatient.I turned around and took one last look at my parents and my siblings and also one last look at the house that I had grown up in and I just let out a painful smile.
  • "Everyone should Remember that I really do love you all "I told them and with that I walked away with the guards as they led me to my fate .
  • *****
  • We had arrived at the pack house some hours ago and they made us strip off all of our clothes and they only tied a white cloth around our body and we were kept in a cave like some animals that were going to be killed .
  • We hadn't seen the alpha since we arrived and it was already Dawn ,I knew because I could see a small break of light from where they kept us ,it was just like they were suffocating us to death.
  • Every girl that was seated here in the cage had that cold look on their faces and so was I, because we are all going to die .
  • The girl next to me had been crying since I arrived and I just let her be .
  • I closed my eyes and let out a sweet breath,no matter what it was I knew that i was going to come back alive and am not letting any fucking demon to take hold of me , that's never going to happen and it's not even when am alive , I really needed to stop that mess ..
  • my Calm eyes swept through all the girls and I could see that they were all scared and most of them had already resorted to their Faith .
  • I had never felt anything to be inhuman like this ,we were werewolves like everyone else but here we are being treated like we created ourselves and being treated like some kind of animals .
  • The elders said that they won't give us any food so that we won't be able to fight the so-called demon according to them .
  • I smiled at the thought of letting someone have me and I just laughed , that's never going to happen no matter how hard they wished for it or how hard they prayed for it ,it wasn't going to happen .
  • We had been here for the past 24 hours and I knew that we would be killed in just a matter of seconds because I could feel it in my blood that the blood moon was going to happen now .
  • we had some certain marks on our forehead like some slaves and I just couldn't imagine what was going to happen,I seriously had no clue not even a bit of what was happening I was totally clueless .
  • A bang on the door made me realize that the time was now and to my greatest Surprise it was the elders dressed in the same as us , the ritual is starting now .