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Chapter 23

  • *Kavitha Pov*
  • "Are you guys waiting for Mihira? She just went to pass a message and will be here soon." I mumbled when I found everyone waiting for her.
  • "He is using her as a slave." Rakesh mumbled beside me but I shook my head at those words but then even I feel that sometimes with the way she is feeling tired all the time for the past months.
  • "Come on! He helped Abhi and that makes him be at a stage where we should respect him." Kalyan commented looking at everyone.
  • "How was the first day?" I asked looking at Abhi who is ignoring everyone and just looking at the way from where she will come to get her vehicle.
  • "Fine! It feels good to be back but it doesn't feel good to get a lift from someone like this." He commented as he is at present sitting behind Vikesh.
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