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Chapter 10

  • *Mihira Pov*
  • "Don't move your hand unnecessarily!" she scolded me for the nth time after starting to help me with this subject and I stared at her without saying any word before trying again.
  • "Are you guys going to skip your lunch?" Abhi asked and I felt it is an angel voice that is here to save me.
  • "I am not going to but she is going to if she keeps doing it wrong." Her cold reply washed away the happiness I just felt.
  • I didn't even glance at anyone before trying again to draw properly but fell short. It's been a week and there is no improvement at all but there is an improvement in her scoldings.
  • After the lunch break, I found everyone waiting for me but I just sighed packing my stuff to go to my class and felt relieved that I didn't buy lunch ahead which could have been a waste.
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