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Chapter 6

  • My palms were clammy as I rang the doorbell. Being his only child and only son, Dad had always made me feel special. He rarely spoke to me in such a harsh tone even though I deserved it. He’d rather speak to me in a calm manner. I did everything he wanted anyways.
  • The maid opened the door and greeted politely. “Good evening sir.” I responded with a nod, as I heard the door close behind me with a bang. On a normal day, I would have spoken to her and asked after her wellbeing but I wasn’t in the mood to talk.
  • I stepped into the wide cosy parlour where a huge chandelier was dropping from the top. I spotted Dad in the dining area and I stalked towards there. Surprisingly, a memory of me and Leila staring into each other’s eyes, smiling and laughing played in my mind. I felt like my instinct was giving me a nudge. Has someone told Dad about what happened? Because that man had eyes everywhere. I decided to face it like a man instead of trying to come up with reasons as I worked sluggishly. I hastened my footsteps.
  • “Good evening sir.” I greeted while sitting across him on the golden dining chair. I stared at him, he looked very much agile and well-built in his late fifties. He sat, proud with squared shoulders. Dad held a mug in his right hand as he sipped its contents slowly and he also held a magazine in his left hand. He appeared to be multitasking: sipping tea and reading the magazine with his glasses hanging at the bridge of his nose.
  • “Good evening sir.” I greeted again as I tried to ease into the chair despite my discomfort.
  • “Lorenzo,” He called out to me in a soft tone, dropping his mug on the table. He did not raise up his head and I wondered if he was the one yelling at me a few minutes ago. “Do you want your marriage life to end up like I and your mother’s — divorce?” He asked, tearing his gaze from the newspaper and he took off his glasses.
  • “Dad, I don’t understand what you’re talking about. . .”
  • “I know you’re hardly on social media but have you checked that “youngCEO’snews” blog today?”
  • “Let me check now. ”
  • “Good.” He said, returning his eyes to the magazine he was reading. My heart thumped faster as I quickly retrieved my iphone from my trouser pocket.
  • I turned on the WI-FI and connected to the first network available. I opened the blog and the first picture I saw was that of me and Leila.
  • My eyes widened. It was the last picture I was expecting to see. In the picture, she placed her elbow on the bar counter, staring into my eyes and smiling beautifully. Me, on the other hand, appeared to be talking to her while staring into her eyes too. Who could have taken this picture? I mean my other friends were there having fun with different girls, why didn’t anyone take a picture of them?
  • The caption read: Has the multi-millionaire, Lorenzo Henshaw, dumped his fiancée, Mitchell Lucas? Is this the new mystery girl? My eyes involuntarily skimmed through the comments as I creased my forehead in frustration.
  • First comment: This guy is so private, Mitchell is the one always posting his pictures on her socials but he doesn't reciprocate. He’d rather post his business, I wonder who this new mystery girl is that he was spotted with.
  • Second comment: I feel so sorry for Mitchell, always posting him and the thing is; he always frowns in their pictures but look at the way he looks happy here. Anyways this mystery girl is way prettier than Mitchell
  • Third comment: OMG! I'm a Mitchell and Lorenzo Shipper, is he breaking up with Mitchell because of this girl? I feel sad!
  • Fourth comment: MEN are scum! They will always disgrace you.
  • I sighed not caring about the comments. The only thought that was suddenly disturbing me was the thought of her getting pregnant and a train of other thoughts followed. “Dad,” I called out to him, raising up my head from the phone. He placed his magazine on the table and stared straight into my eyes.
  • “Have you seen what you did now?” He questioned. “Listen my boy, you know when I first called you I was yelling but I had to calm down in order for me to speak sense into your head.” He paused and then continued. “You are engaged to Mitchell, you are not supposed to be seen with another girl in a compromising situation like that.”
  • “But Dad, I’ve made it clear: I don’t love Mitchell.”
  • “You have to get married to her, she’s from a wealthy family like you and a cordial bond already exists between families.” He explained this for the umpteenth time. “Mitchell is a good girl, business oriented like you too… What else do you want? Forget about love, it will come later.”
  • I sighed. “But Dad. . .”
  • “Mitchell is everything a man would desire, work it out with her and love will come in.”
  • “It dosen’t work that way, Dad.”
  • He laughed. “Whatever way it happens, If you still wanna divorce, it will still happen… so why not just… ” He shrugged.
  • “You don’t get it, I don’t just feel anything for her.”
  • “So who do you feel something for? The girl in the picture?”
  • “Not really, it was my first time meeting her.” I said, looking away. A smile forced its way to my lips and it caught me off guard.
  • What caught me off guard the most was Dad’s next question. “Did you do anything with her?” He asked, trying to keep his cool.
  • “Uhm…” I stuttered under his intensive gaze.
  • “Did you use a condom?” He asked, with pleady eyes as if he was begging me to say yes. Like he still had faith in me and he just wanted me to solidify it by saying yes. But I couldn’t because I knew I would be lying by saying ‘Yes’.