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Chapter 5

  • *
  • My alarm rang and I groaned in frustration. I placed my left palm on my forehead as I felt a throbbing headache that threatened to split my head into two. The morning headache was a sign which told me I didn’t get enough night sleep.
  • I tapped the screen of my phone inorder to put it on. The brightness from the screen illuminated the bleak room briefly. Since I was a child, I had always loved sleeping in dark rooms. It somehow enabled me to fall asleep quickly but yesterday, I purposely slept late. That was why I needed the aid of an alarm to wake me up. I had to be present at the office very early today.
  • The time on my phone screen read “6:00 AM” boldly on the screen. I took a deep breath, got up from the bed, fixed my feet into my Nike slides, and proceeded to wash up. Under the shower, my mind kept reeling back to the experience I had some nights ago.
  • It wasn’t the first time. Memories of the time I spent with that girl — Leila — have been flooding my mind.
  • I had been on different business trips to different countries, met different girls but there was something about her. She was distinct from the other girls I had met.
  • I liked her the way she talked calmly, intelligently and passionately. I liked how she talked about love in its purest form, not attributing it to romantic desires. It was one of the sweetest things I had heard in a while.
  • I liked how she was different from the regular ‘pick me’ girls I had met in a while.
  • What I didn’t like — was the way she thought the guy had the right to treat her below standard because she wasn’t having sex with him and he was catering for her needs. I wished I had black magic to automatically erase that thought in her head.
  • *
  • It was past thirty - two minutes after eight when my shiny Mercedes Benz AMG GT 63 car coasted to a stop in the parking lot of my company. I wasn’t supposed to be in the office now but I had a lot of documents to work on. I hated working under pressure or going through long stretches of work, hence; the reason I came early.
  • As I walked through the executive complex, I responded to the greetings of my staff while giving a tight-lipped smile. I believed in creating a friendly working environment and so I wasn’t cold to my staff but I knew where to draw the line also.
  • “Good morning sir.” My assistant greeted me smartly as I opened the door to my office. I responded with a smile. It was impossible not to like Kris. She was diligent and hardworking. She had bought into the vision of the company and had given her all to make the company thrive. It was rare to find such people like her.
  • “There are not many things for you to attend to, sir.” Kris said, flipping through the files in her hand. “You only have an interview with the YouTuber who requested to have one with you last month.” She added and I rolled my eyes trying to remember. My short term memory was messing up with me again.
  • As if Kris noticed, she started clarifying. “I told you about his request last month and you had agreed to it on the basis that you’d seen his channel a few times.”
  • “Oh yes, I remember.”
  • “Alvan Smith!” We said in unison and did our signature snapping of fingers and smiled. Yeah, we were that close. “I’d like to have him around, I like seeing young people making waves.”
  • “He’s really doing well with his YouTube channel.” Kris acknowledged while making her way out of my office.
  • *
  • I sat resplendently behind my wide table while attending to the files in front of me as soft tunes flowed into my ears via airpods. It occurred to me that the new secretary still hasn’t sent the transaction records and I requested to see her. I knew I could have easily told my assistant to inform her to send an email of the records but I wanted to speak to her. I hated reminding my workers before they did their job. Few minutes later, I heard a knock on my door and I just assumed it was her.
  • “Come in.” I responded. She walked in with an unnecessary smile on her face and an exaggerated strutting of her hips. I did not understand why she was smiling like that when she was supposed to have sent in the records earlier than this. Wasn’t she informed on the nature of her work? She was just newly employed and she was already being sluggish with her duties.
  • “Are you aware that you were supposed to have shown me the records earlier than this?” I questioned.
  • “Uhmm. . . I’m sorry sir.” She said biting her lower lip and I widened my eyes in shock. What was the meaning of that? Who did she think I was? Biting her lower lip in a sensual way for her boss. Gross misconduct! I decided to keep my cool maybe it was a miscommunication.
  • “Do well to send it.” I said adopting a straight face, dismissing her. She bent down to pick a lone paper that had fallen from my desk and her short skirt rode higher, exposing more of her bare laps. By her body language, I knew she had ulterior motives — she didn’t just want to help me pick up the paper but show me her body. I scrunched my face at her inappropriate behaviour.
  • “Here,” She said, handing over the paper while beaming. She adjusted her sleeves and tugged her skirt down, trying to extend the length. Didn’t she see the length of her skirt before she chose to wear it? I thought, shaking my head. “What are you still doing here?” I asked, raising a curious eyebrow at her.
  • “Sorry sir, I should make my way now.” She said, still beaming. As she walked, I saw how she consciously tried to make her rear jiggle. That must have been so stressful. I found it funny; she was a clown. Unfortunately for her, I wasn’t interested in her and I wanted more serious minded people in my work environment. I ordered for a sack letter to be written for her. She had to go. Just then, my phone rang. It was a call from my Dad, I picked up immediately.
  • “Dad, how are you—”
  • “Who is she?”
  • “I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”
  • “You don’t understand?!” He asked, yelling and I winced at his high tone.
  • “Dad, do you want me to come over so we can talk about it?” I asked in a calm manner.
  • “You had better.” Just then, his line went dead. I heaved a sigh and took a deep breath.
  • *