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Chapter 6

  • SANDRO and Demie went down to have breakfast at the same time. Sandro held Demie's hand very tightly. That's why Demie's complaints are useless.
  • "Sandro, don't you want to let go of my hand?" Demie asked again as they went downstairs. She was immediately greeted by the man's drowning look that made Demie swallowed.
  • “Sweetheart, I told you. Your hand only belongs on my hand. Only mine. I just want to show everyone that you’re mine,” he insisted.
  • Demies bowed to his answer. Her erratic heartbeat is making her paranoid that the man beside her might hear it. This is the first time for her, to be swayed by a man’s words. Even though it was imprinted in her mind that it was all a mistake. She did not regret everything that happened. She even craves for more. So, before anything happens again, she needs to find out Sandro's status. Before Sandro could continue to swallow her whole being.
  • “Sandro, I just want to ask something,” Demie asked. They continued down the stairs. The man glanced at her slightly and hummed.
  • "A-ah, I just want to know if you have a gi-" but before Demie could continue to ask, a voice grabbed Sandro's attention.
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