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Chapter 10

  • SINCE then, Demie's heart was pounding. Even though the man was talking to her, she could not forget what he had said earlier. And now they are in front of Sandro's big house.
  • And Sandro is amused on how Demie has been fidgeting since he tease her about spanking, and he smirked of that thought. He opened the gate through a remote control, and they went inside without hassle.
  • Demie tries to unbuckle her seatbelt, but her mind is full of steamy scenes that makes her tremble out of excitement. She briefly stopped after she heard Sandro chuckled. And he’s the one who removed her seatbelt. So their bodies came closer, Demie held her breath. This man is making her crazy. She suddenly wants to cling her arms on his neck right now but before she can do it, Sandro is done unbuckling her seatbelt.
  • He came out first to open the car’s door for her. Demie immediately came out and was surprised when the man suddenly lifted her like a sack over his shoulder. Her face is now facing his back. While her round ass is near to his face that made him smirk.
  • Demie shuddered when he cupped her behind, carressing it softly. She bit her lips to prevent her moan from escaping. “Hmm, just by touching this peach of yours is enough for me to make me hard, sweetheart. Just how did you bewitched me?” Sandro stated while softly groping her behind.
  • Until they got inside the house, Demie was still the man’s shoulder. They just stopped in the living room and he laid her down on the sofa. But before she could even sit properly, Sandro immediately grabbed her waist and lifted her. He sat down and then she was lay down on his thigh.
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