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  • *Anitha Pov*
  • When I reached downstairs thinking the reporters must have left already but in turn, found them surrounding Prathap again and his Dad is standing with him.
  • He didn’t give up yet? I thought taking a step forward but stopped immediately hearing Prathap’s words.
  • “We want to continue to be engaged but my Father is against our relationship like from the beginning and we decided to wait until he accepts us before getting engaged again.” I covered my mouth hearing his words while he calmly walked away after saying that and the reporters let him as their attention now turned to his father.
  • That is definitely the third strike for sure. I shook my head before messaging Vikranth about what happened so that he will not be in any trouble.
  • The next problem is I need to get out of here passing these reporters and I don’t have anyone with me right now who can kind of protect me from them.
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